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Is a web design & development company.
We aim at delivering perfect web-based solutions to our clients.

Branding of a company means establishing it's outer details in a fashion that will differentiate it from it's competitors. Branding may be done in a design level, a verbal level and an emotional level seperatly but it is recommended to work in all plains simultaniously. In the world in general and on the internet in specific it is important to brand your company in order for it's customers to be able to identify and connect to it's product in a good way. When choosing to start a website it is important to customize it's design to the existing brand or to use is as an instrument to publish a new product to the market.

The main importance of the brand lies in it's stabilization process. In an un-branded market, customers can hardly differentiate between competing products. Manufacturers (or service providers) compete amongst themselves primarily by lowering their prices, in a way that damages their profit margin. Branding allows them to compete for other charactheristics other than price. If the consumer precieves the product as being valuable for him, he would be willing to pay more for him then the price tag of equivilent products.

We can assist you in consultation and development of your website with a professional team of project managers which will work with you in order to create a branded website with a uniform design language. With our help your website could become an addition to existing branding processes or in contrast, to create a new branding language for your business.
A-studio will provide you with the most suitable design solution.
Our design team will research the field of industry that your project belongs to in order to produce an effective and unique design solution.

Our technologies of specialty:
  • designing both promotional websites and complex websites such as virtual stores, video sites, portals etc...
  • logos design and branding
  • concept development for promotional compaigns
  • flash and gif animations
  • 3d simulations and moduling
  • print - calling cards, fliers, brochures, catalogs, magazine ads, folders, posters up to A1
We take into account the following parameters on each web-design project:
  • Compiling a user interface (UI) while considering your target-audiance browsing psychology
  • Branding companies while creating a unique identity that will differentiate it from others in your industry.
  • Creating unique concepts for promotional campaigns and executing by using a variety of medias.
When choosing to develope a website it is critical to choose a skilled web developer, as choosing a less-experienced one will probably result in a second-grade website code which effects your website's speed, security, servers load and search engine recognition.

We at A-studio use only the most skilled and experienced web site developers around.

Whether you need a simple website, a complex one, or even an internet application that serves a different purpose, be sure that we can deliver.

Our websites are built to be w3c valid and cross-browser complient.
Code is written in an orderly fashion allowing further easy development of your website in the future by any web developer.
We inject basic and advanced seo (search engine optimization) techniques with every site that we build to allow it to get indexed well by most search engines and google in particular.

We also offer our clients a complete package including hosting on our own web servers which are managed by us, as well as domain registration services.

Our technologies of specialty:
  • client-side languages include html, javascript, ajax, css, flash as3 programming
  • server-side languages include asp, asp.net 3.5, php web development
  • database engines include sql server 2005 & 2008 or mysql5 & 6
  • windows 2003 & 2008 setup, iis6 & 7 optimization, video streaming services
  • live commerce implementation
  • sms & ivr systems interface
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